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Traveler’s Rest
Traveler’s Rest

Soon comes the Night of the Traveler. A time where the cold of winter ebbs and the world prepares for the coming spring. Merchants start their treks across the land unhindered, by the now fleeing J’Teth. The king's men slowly crush the remainder under their boots as the four duchies start to heal. As such, welcome those such travelers around your hearth and talk of the coming future.


1) All attendees MUST be fully vaccinated. No exceptions. Attendees must show proof at check-in.

2) Middlehaven Inc. reserves the right to check an attendee’s temperature and ask health screening questions for entry to the event.

3) Middlehaven Inc. reserves the right to require an attendee to leave the event if they become ill or show signs of illness.

4) An Attendee who becomes ill or does not feel well before the event should not attend. The cost of their registration will be applied to a future event.

5) These requirements are subject to change at any time. We will immediately publish any changes.


  • Attendees are responsible for their own food. No food will be served or provided by Middlehaven Inc.
  • TIME is set aside for attendees to break for meals, or to go off site for food (before 10am Mornings, and from 6:30pm to 8:30 pm on Saturday).
  • If Attendees wish to ‘share food’ it is arranged between adults, and 100% “at your own risk”.
  • The kitchen will NOT be available for cooking. However attendees may store items in the refrigerator. Items must be bagged and labeled.


  • Attendees may stay on site in their personal tent, or may sleep in the In Game areas (Main Hall).
  • Cabin lodging will be available for an additional $10 fee.
  • Attendees may lodge off site.

SERVICE SHIFTS will be required for all participants after their first 3 games — this may be NPCing or helping us stay clean and organized. More information about service shifts will be included in the event registration.


Please see our Facebook page for more details and Frequently Asked Questions

ALCHEMY: For all PCs and NPCs: Potion and poison requests are due by the BGA deadline. Please send in a BGA. You will recieve your potions at Check In prior to Game On. Everyone else, please reach out to your IG contacts for requests.

MAGIC ITEMS: All magic items, potions, and scrolls must be presented at Check In. We are looking for Expired Items, and checking to make sure that all Magic Items have their Item Cards.

ITEM CARDS: If your item is missing a Card, please contact the event ECs at least a week prior to the event and we will generate a new one for you. No Magic Items will be permitted without a card, and we cannot produce one during the event.


  • Sunscreen, Bug spray & weather appropriate clothes
  • Prescription medications
  • Water, Gatorade, Snacks
  • Extra clothes

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Pre-Registration CLOSES FEBRUARY 3rd

Pre-Registration is $65 for the whole weekend . 50% OFF for New Players and ½ NPC, based on the date paid. Late registration is possible for an extra $10. Our preference is to have as few late registrations as possible.

You must register for the event if you intend on coming.

Double PCs: For Players wishing to register two PCs at the full XP for each, a registration and payment must be completed for each character. For half XP per character, please only register once.

The player is responsible to ensure payment is processed through PayPal. Middlehaven Inc. will not accept cash.

Refund Policy

Before 10 Days: FULL refund!
Inside the 10 Day Limit: 50% refund.
Under 24 Hours Notice: NO Refund ('cause we spent it already).

Registration Links

Clicking "I'm Going" is helpful to us, but it does NOT COUNT as a pre-registration. Actual funds must be transferred for that!

New/EMT Player Payment

Pre-Registration is $32.50
Late Registration is $35.50.

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Returning Player Payment

Pre-Registration is $65
Late Registration is $75.

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Half-NPC Payment

Pre-Registration is $32.50
Late Registration is $35.50.

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GENERAL Registration

Please fill out the following form to let us know you're coming!