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Nowhere to Run

November 10 – 12 2023, LIVE Event!

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    Future Event Dates

    November 10th - 12th Nowhere to Run Riverhead Main Lodge, West Entrance

    So what is a LARP?

    LARP stands for Live Action Role Play, and it's sort of like impromptu theater. It’s a game where you get into costume and into your character. Role play is the point of the game, the rules are just there to help, (and keep everything fair). Games like Monopoly are different, they are about the rules and winning.

    What kind of LARP is Middlehaven?

    The best description would be an immersion LARP or role-play heavy Boffer LARP. Immersion because the goal once you get into the game is keep you there without jarring out of game references. Everyone has a costume, all in-game locations are actual places, all items are represented with actual props. We basically try to make it as What you See is What you Get as possible. Next, we are a Boffer LARP because we simulate combat encounters with fake, soft, heavily padded weapons. However, unlike many Boffer LARPs which are only about the fighting, our game is much more story driven. Combat can be part of a story, but does not replace the story and players with non-combat characters are still quite useful.

    Recent Events

    Middlehaven is most active between the Spring and Autumn months. We run six events per year, with some occasional casual meet-ups in between. We have a few different sites that we play at on Long Island, NY.